Yoga & Alexander Technique in the Arctic, Stamsund, torsdag, 03. september 2020

Kiri Wo Miru // Gazing into the Mist

The qualities of effortlessness and flow that we value in our practice evade direct effort. Movement must be “allowed” rather than forced, and the ability to “allow” — Sanskrit “ishvara pranidhana” or “surrender” — requires a daring leap into the unknown, seeking something that is always partially hidden, as if shrouded in mist. This means of strength through surrender can be countercultural and challenging to honour for ourselves and those around us. Yoga and the Alexander Technique give us ways of “looking into the mist”: ways to build our abilities of focussing and allowing, of skilful uncertainty, that permit gradually clearer experiences of a freer way of being.

Our retreat offers three whole days filled with group classes for Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Alexander Technique, and evolutionary movement, with scheduled time for one-to-one Alexander Technique, and exploring the islands on your own, or taking a well earned rest. 

We invite you to join us in the magical and misty landscape of Norway’s arctic Lofoten Islands, and allow yourself to be nourished by movement, stillness and reflection, and the sharing of lovingly prepared food, with two skilful, attentive and complementary teachers to support you in reconnecting with wild and peaceful you.

What’s included:

— Opening welcome with hot cacao ceremony
— At least 4 hours of group classes / workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
— Optional one-to-one with Tim or Anna
— Shorter one-to-one hands-on ”turns”
— Organic, locally-sourced, vegetarian lunches, light breakfasts and cake

What‘s not included:

— Travel and accommodation
— Dinners

For travel and accommodation recommendations to suit every personality type and budget, read on:



Fly direct to Trondheim
Book an advance ‘minipris’ NSB train ticket to Bodø


Fly to Leknes via Oslo. Rent a car or catch the bus from Leknes to Stamsund


Fly to Oslo or Tromsø. From Oslo, catch the train all the way to Bodø (c. 20 hours), changing at Trondheim. Either leg can be an overnight train. The second leg is particularly beautiful, although it is handy arriving in Bodø in the morning to catch the afternoon ferry to stamsund. 

From Tromsø, catch the southbound Hurtigruten, winding through the fjords all the way to Stamsund. This takes around 24 hours and you will have to book a cabin. 


Travel over land (bike, bus, train — whatever floats your boat !) to Copenhagen, and continue on all the way by night train to Narvik, via Stockholm (c. 24 hours). Rent a car (or hitch hike) from Narvik to Stamsund. It’s a stunning 4-5 hour drive. 


Cycle all the way. We have a friend who did this. Norwegians, unlike the Romans, build their roads around (mountains), over (water) and through (more mountains), so given the terrain, they’re a very comfortable ride. Nevertheless, this person gets double cake at every sitting.


Stamsund Youth Hostel

This is traditional hostel with a warm, convivial atmosphere and a stunning location. It is a short walk from the ferry quay, about five minutes beyond the yoga studio. There are three types of accommodation: dormitories, private rooms and private cabins (‘Rorbu’), each priced very reasonably. Hostel guests also have use of the fishing boats and equipment for a trip out on the water, if the weather is calm. The hostel’s communications are charmingly stuck in the last century, so you won’t be able to book online. Don’t be put off by this or the ”no frills” communication you will probably encounter with a Roar (hostel owner) on the phone. It’s a special place, and if Roar (or his helper Cecile) says you are booked in, you can count on it. 

Lofoten Live Hotel

If you prefer a space where someone will take care of your breakfast, supper and make your bed, this is the one for you. It’s less than 3 minutes walk from where you’ll get off the boat, and about 5 minutes to the yoga studio. Find more details and rates here:

Lofoten Panorama

If you’re looking for the extra special Arctic residence, you can’t hope for much more than a private apartment at Lofoten Panorama. The views from here are truly breathtaking. So you can spend your evenings cooking with probably the best backdrop of your life. 

All accommodation options are comfortably within 10 minutes walk of the studio, so you have the freedom to pop back at any time to take some you-time. And for anyone wishing to eat or drink out, there is a restaurant and bar called Sjærbrygga a short walk down towards the ferry quay. Self-caterers will find two shops: a large-ish supermarket at the ferry quay, and a smaller local supermarket right next to the Youth Hostel. 

If you have further questions, please feel free to drop us an email at

Yoga & Alexander Technique in the Arctic

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