Oslo Innovation Week 100 Pitches Entry Round, Samfunnssalen Event & Konferanse, tysdag, 24. september 2019

Welcome to OIW 100 Pitches 2019, 24 September 09.00 -16.00
OIW 100 Pitches connects the most promising seed stage startups in the Nordics with investors, VC’s, corporates and partners. Last year hundreds of startups competed for a spot in the final round, hosted by DNB NXT. All participating startups are working to solve at least one of the UN 17 sustainable development goals.
If you’re interested in the Nordic startup scene, have a startup or if you’re just curious about what’s on trend this is relevant for you. Join us 24 September 09.00 -16.00 at Samfunnssalen to hang out, meet the community and learn about the most exciting new startups.
Check out the full program on oiw.no, and get your tickets today
And of course, if you want to pitch or know a startup who should, please spread the word! You can apply to pitch before August 23.

Oslo Innovation Week 100 Pitches Entry Round

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