NM i Aeropress Competition 2019, Fuglen Coffee Roasters, sundag, 01. september 2019

We're super excited to announce the 2019 Norwegian Aeropress Championship & Coffee Festival will take place on Sunday, 1st September at Fuglen’s Roastery on St. Halvards Gate 33, 0192 Oslo. 12:00-17:00.
There are only 27 competitor tickets available (plus one regional winner from Trondheim). So don't snooze!
***This year’s winner will win a trip to London and have the honour of representing Norway in the World Aeropress Championship taking place on 24th November.***
Event info & updates will be posted on the FB event page:

We need your full name, email, phone number and address so we can get the practice coffee to you.
For more info about the Aeropress Championship:

NM i Aeropress Competition 2019

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