I Am Fabulous Workshop for Emotional Well-Being, Kvinneforum for Verdensfred, laurdag, 07. september 2019

Women's Federation for World Peace Norway has the honor to host an I-am-fabulous workshop for emotional well-being by Magali Rouyer-Johnsen.
Essential oils have the ability to move “chi” (life force) when there is stagnation. According to Chinese medicine, this absence of flow can be caused by stress, worry or trapped emotions and may ultimately lead to disease in the body. This class is a practical workshop where we learn a series of protocols where we apply specific essential oils on some acupuncture points or meridians in order to get rid of some common stagnations that many people have.

Date: 7 September 2019Time: 13:00 - 15:30Location: Grorudveien 39, Oslo. Entrance and parking from Sagstukroken. All women are welcome. Free please to so that we can provide enough lunch, and inform us if you have dietary restrictions, need babysitting or translation from English.

I Am Fabulous Workshop for Emotional Well-Being



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