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From August it will be possible to join extracurricular music with Jostein Skare, EC-Play AfterSchool. Everyone who joins the group will be a part of a band and get to learn even more music using the EC-Play method! You will get to try out many different instruments and learn signing Level is meant for those who attend SFO or similar, usually grades 1 through Level is meant for students above grade 4, who usually have faster , these are only guidelines we suggest.
Group 1 (NextLevel): Thursday 14:45-15:30
Group 2 (FirstLevel): Thursday 15:45-16:30
Start: Thursday 5th of September. 
Price: 1990 NOK for the fall semester (10 weeks)
There is a minimum of 4 band members required per group.
There is also the possibility of having 1-to-1 lessons with Jostein on Thursdays. These sessions are 30 minutes and will be during school hours before the group lessons. They will cost 250 NOK per lesson.
You can sign up for private lessons either by SMS: 46957000 or Email: ec-play@
For more information about EC-Play, see our website
If you have any specific questions contact Jostein by phone: 99108000 or email ec-play@

EC-Play After School Band Asker International School

Oslojazz 2020: Daniela Reyes

Oslojazz 2020: Daniela Reyes

torsdag 13. august 2020
Tommy Tokyo

Tommy Tokyo

onsdag 08. juli 2020
Drømmedag med Tommy Tokyo
laurdag 25. juli 2020
Tommy Tokyo - Live i Moss
laurdag 26. september 2020
Nye Bølger: Tommy Tokyo // Bølgen
fredag 25. september 2020
Østfold Tour - Dame - Runde 1
tysdag 07. juli 2020
Frida Kahlo
måndag 06. juli 2020
Frida Kahlo
måndag 06. juli 2020
Frida Kahlo
måndag 06. juli 2020
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