Åpen Fotoshoot., Evjudalen friluftspark, laurdag, 21. september 2019

This is free for all portrait photoshoot. It is open to all (families, couples, individuals etc...) and we shall be shooting with natural light. All you have to do is grab your ticket through the link provide. LIMITED spaces available, so make sure to reserve soonest.

The shoot will take place at the Evjudalen friluftspark from 14:00 to 18:00. Upon arrival we shall warm up with a little conversation and get you comfortable in front of the camera.

Each session (ticket) would last approximately 15mins depending on the situation and crowd size. At the end of your session you are free to select the photos you feel most comfortable with and you would be required to drop a valid email through which the photos can be sent directly to you.

There is no specific dressing code. Feel free to wear whatever represents the most. If you want to show up in an eye-catching red ball dress, that's all up to you and you will be very welcomed.

Each photo shall be professionally edited before delivered to you. The editing is not meant to change the way you look or appear but more to enhance the light and other aspects of the photograph. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions regarding the event.

Åpen Fotoshoot.



tysdag 27. november 2029
Implementing SAFe (4.6)

Implementing SAFe (4.6)

måndag 26. oktober 2020
Implementing SAFe (4.6)
tysdag 25. august 2020
Implementing SAFe (4.6)
måndag 22. juni 2020
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Emerald - Nidelven Bar & Scene
laurdag 15. august 2020
1.runde NM
fredag 19. juni 2020
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